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#5 Essential Prostate Pack

SKU: $59.95

The Most Comprehensive Natural Supplement to Support Prostate Health

Our supplier has taken the amazing Healthy Prostate Pack and made it better!

How? They added the powerful antioxidant Acai and bulked up the key ingredients Resveratrol and Curcumin.
We replaced generic ingredients such as the phytosterols, lycopene and lignants with the high quality branded ingredients CardioAid Phytosterols, Lyc-O-Mato and Linumlife.

They did all this without raising the price!

Essential Prostate Pack is a comprehensive natural formula with a total of 32 herbs, nutrients, vitamins and minerals to support total prostate health.

This unique formulation comes in convenient daily packages containing 5 capsules and 2 softgels making the product easy to use. Just grab a packet and go! No need to carry along countless bottles with you.

Essential Prostate Pack was inspired by our old product, Healthy Prostate Pack. Healthy Prostate Pack was formulated by Dr. Sighi Drassinower, M.D. For the last ten years Dr. Drassinower, a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and a Board Certified Physician under the American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine, has been dedicated to research in natural medicine. He is absolutely convinced that proactive approach is the correct way to help people.

Vitamin D3 Commonly used to support bone strength, epidemiological studies have recently suggested that Vitamin D3 may assist with prostate health.

Selenium(a special form containing 40% elemental selenium) It helps protect cells against the effects of free radicals that are produced during normal oxygen metabolism and is a traditional supplement for prostate health.

CardioAidPhytosterols Phytosterols are plant sterols and stanons found in vegetable oils. Important for Prostate health, phytosterols can block the conversion of testosterol into DHT (dihydrotestosterone).

Amino Acids L Alanine, L Glycine, L Glucamic Acid, and L Arginine are needed to maintain normal prostate function.

Lyc-O Mato Lycopene Lycopene is the highest oxygen-quenching carotenoid which can help support eye health, prostate health, and heart health.

Pollen Flower May support normal urine flow and healthy prostate function.

Green Tea The active ingredients in green tea extract are polyphenols in the form of flavonoids like catechins and epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). Polyphenols, flavonoids, catechins and EGCG are powerful. The antioxidant activity of EGCG in green tea extract is purportedly up to 100 times more powerful than that of vitamin C or E.

Boron is a trace mineral that is needed by the body in minuscule amounts. It was discovered in 1910 as an essential element for plants but in 1985 scientific research discovered it was an essential nutrient for people, too.

Zinc An essential mineral required by every cell in the body, zinc is concentrated in the muscles, bones, skin, kidneys, liver, pancreas, eyes, and, in men, the prostate.

Acai This extract is one of the most potent antioxidants available. Acai juice is said to have between 10 and 30 times more antioxidants than grapes,pomegranates, and even blueberries.

Cat's Claw is popular in South American and supports a healthy immune function and support prostate and urinary health.

LinumLife (Lignants) Lignants are a group of compounds found in plants, especially flax seed, and help to rid abundant estrogen from the body.

Stinging Nettle Leaf has a long history of use in Europe. It may also assist the immune function ability to detect unhealthy cellular by-products.

Pygeum Africanum A large evergreen tree found in central and southern Africa. The extracts from the pygeum bark contain several compounds thought to be helpful in prostate health.

DIM Increases the specific aerobic metabolism for estrogen, multiplying the chance for estrogen to be broken down into its beneficial or "good" estrogen metabolites. These metabolites may assist in protecting the heart, brain, and prostate.

Chrysin is one of the most powerful of several flavonoids and has been shown to be a mild aromatase inhibitor which is important for men to prevent the conversion of testosterone to estrogen.

Resveratrol The compound belongs to the phytoalexin class of phytochemicals and functions as a moderate antioxidant.

Panax Ginseng This ginseng is considered an adaptogen which helps to produce a balancing effect on the body. It may help maintain blood testosterone levels.

Quercetin is found to be the most active of the flavonoids with antioxidant properties.

Maca extract has been used in South America as an enhancer for libido and endurance.

Curcumin, derived from turmeric root, has been considered in Ayurvedic medicine as a body cleanser. Its ability to assist with a healthy immune function may make it a top ingredient to maintain healthy prostate cell reproduction.

Bioperine is derived from black pepper and may promote healthy nutrient absorption.

Saw Palmetto has been used to help with prostate health and to help increase sperm motility and sex drive.

Pumpkin Seed Oil This oil extract standardized for fatty acid content is used for prostate health.

Organic Flax Oil is an optimal dietary supplement that is an excellent vegetarian source of Omega-3 acids, which support the metabolism of essential fatty acids.

Evening Primrose Oil This oil, commonly known as EPO, contains GLA (Gamma Linoleic Acid), is an essential fatty acid that is needed for the metabolism of prostaglandins.
Marine Lipid Concentrate This concentrate contains the essential fatty acid Omega 3 which may support a healthy immune system.

Borage Oil aids the body fatty acid metabolism and supports a healthy immune system.

Comes in a convenient pack containing 5 capsules and 2 soft-gels. Each box contains 30 individual packets.